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The hotel member how to maximize interests?The secret to upgrade the Get

Date: 2018-08-16

Now the hotel industry competition is intense, the hotel group to attract a loyal users, set up a loyalty guest membership scheme.For membership, hotel membership is about the change of vital interests.In recent years, as many hotels group merged or for various forms of cooperation, mutual fusion between hotel membership through.How to turn the hands of the benefit maximization hotel CARDS?Of course, to be clear, can enjoy more benefits.

New trend: the members plan to integrate

In the hotel group, under the tide of the hotel is a member of the program integration in succession.Nearly two months, the hotel group membership of cooperative action.It is understood that since July 2, fairmont raffles, Switzerland, formally incorporated into accor hotel loyalty program, marriott international group to start integrating its August marriott rewards, the ritz-carlton rewards and SPG club member planning and unified treatment.So, when members plan unified integration, members enjoy what benefits?

Take time and earn points easier

At the time of membership will merge, usually hotel group will launch a variety of activities to attract members, such as launch a more favorable integral measures.It is understood that formally since August after consolidation, marriott membership to the marriott rewards, the ritz-carlton rewards and SPG club account to merge, enjoy the loyalty program integration.For before members, marriott membership in unity, the biggest change is the courtesy will cover all marriott international, inc., to participate in the brand.

After integration, members can upgrade faster, easier to get points, average spending 文章 per member will earn about 20% more than before or more points, members since August is available in all participating hotel loyalty program earn points, thus faster promotion to a higher level of membership, and enjoy the updated courtesy.Specifically, under the regulars of the merger plan, the above three membership will execute unified standard, full 10 later won the silver card, membership full 25 later won the gold card membership.

Premium membership upgrade easier

Merger for high-end member hotels group, means that the upgrade will be more easy.Such as marriott rewards and ritz-carlton rewards member after the upgrade will be consistent with the current SPG club courtesy, full 50 nights can be promoted to a platinum membership, full 75 superior evening can be promoted to a platinum membership, to upgrade the threshold is reduced greatly.All of the 100 members of the superior platinum in full night and after spending $20000, in addition to enjoy all the level of courtesy, also can obtain special ambassador service.High-end members can also get more free benefits, such as marriott rewards superior of platinum and platinum members enjoy free breakfast treatment will be expanded to 23 hotel brands, including courtyard hotel, marriott AC, Protea hotels and Moxy hotel.

Reservation during combined promotion, more bonus

Two years ago, the French accor group acquired fairmont, three major luxury Swiss hotel and raffles hotel brand FRHI hotel group, since July 2, 2018, FRHI hotel group membership plan also formally incorporated into the Le Club AccorHotels accor music will be.Accor is a member of the cover the accor brand loyal plan, including the sofitel, pullman, novotel, mercure, beauty and ibis brands, two members plan merger, members can more easily accumulated points.

When members plan to merge usually have a discount activity, for member, must grasp the opportunity, can get extra benefits.Such as the recent Stamford raffles to welcome the asia-pacific region, fairmont and Switzerland's hotel and resort to join the accor loyalty program, accor specially launch bonus points activity, members during until August 19 reservation, and within a specified period of time in Asia and the Pacific raffles, fairmont or Swiss hotel, 1000 bonus points will be at a time.

Group selling points to start

There are quite a few selling points will follow in the hotel group activities, is to use real money to buy points, buy different grades and prices and bonus.After booking the hotel, with points for the hotel group, the accommodation of different brand.

International hotel group points for plan are hierarchical, different brand, different time the conversion of integral number, the hotel group to its grade of different hotels, grading, the better, the higher the hotel will be, the more the amount of integral suggested selling points of group activities at the hotel when laid hands on him.

Points can also be the exclusive experience

As members to pay attention to the degree of local tourist experience more and more high, the hotel group members integral convertible range is becoming more and more wide, can not only change the accommodation, also can change some special experience.Such as "marriott rewards exclusive moment" and "exclusive moment" SPG member courtesy, based on the marriott international has built travel experience project "marriott exclusive moment".Guests need to check in, also can pay for the 1000 destinations worldwide to provide 110000 wonderful travel experience.

Recently, marriott international and alibaba launched Tmall super brand, particularly open "money doesn't buy" a member of the exclusive moment experience.In pre-sale period registered members, members can participate in lucky draw to win an exclusive experience, including share travel experience with liu wen face to face, in the center of the Shanghai Mercedes Benz August Deng Zi chess marriott rewards VIP rooms to watch the concert, and the opportunity to sun circus, or win a $888 flagship marriott international, inc., and overseas flagship store exclusive gift bag and so on, these are all members of the exclusive benefits.