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Anhui xuancheng 35 A grade scenic spot are processed, quality grade seven have been cancelled

Date: 2019-12-19

According to network in anhui, anhui xuan town tour bureau website published the announcement of xuan city tourism scenic area quality grade evaluation committee (no. 1, 2019).The announcement called strengthen quality management of scenic spots, improve the quality of scenic spots, and purify the tourism consumption environment, according to the national standard of the People's Republic of China "tourist scenic spot of division and evaluation of quality level" (GB/T 17775-2003) and the measures for the administration of the tourism scenic spot quality grade, according to the city's a-class tourist scenic spot check test results, the research and decision related to a-class tourist scenic spot is as follows:

Give xuanzhou district museum of Chinese wood oil and xuanzhou district baiyun cave scenic area, LangXi county ancient nan fung has been gloriously enrolled yongji yellow rice wine, GuangDe city zijin temple scenic area, GuangDe city and ecological garden scenic spot, ningguo city sceneries are fallen petal swinging, jixi county small nine degrees 7 to cancel 3 a-class tourist scenic spot tourist scenic spot quality grades.

Give GuangDe peach city hengshan national forest park, GuangDe city gu labyrinth scenic spot reduce tourist scenic spot quality level processing, a-class tourist scenic spot from 3 to 2 a-class tourist scenic spot.

Give Xia Lin ningguo city nine days YinBao enlong world wooden village scenic area scenic area, ningguo city, jingxian county huangtian scenic spot, jingxian county ink dean creek scenic spot, the jingxian county jiangnan first drift scenic spot, jingxian county town, jingxian county its crescent red beach scenic spot, jixi XianHui hangzhou ancient scenic spot, Alexander valley scenic spot, jixi county in jixi county purple garden scenic spot, in jixi county scenic area, continuous DE county Lucy zhuang serious warning, rectification within a time limit for 3 months.

Give xuanzhou district xuan cultural park scenic area, GuangDe city xuan papaya wine cultural tourism scenic spot, ningguo city east rift valley scenic spot, jingxian county peach blossom lake scenic spot, jingxian county horsehead cheung health sightseeing garden, jixi county village scenic area, continuous DE county olajuwon and continuous DE county continuous increased ancient scenic spot warning, rectification within a time limit for 3 months.

Give xuanzhou district Chinese alligator, xuanzhou district, kwun tong, lake, ningguo city century minority culture, jingxian county south anhui incident martyrs cemetery, jingxian county new fourth army site, continuous DE county Confucian temple scenic area, criticized, rectification within a time limit for 3 months.