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Poly property listed officially open to the 'Hong Kong property' era

Date: 2019-12-23

On December 19, poly real estate development co., LTD., officially listed on the stock exchange of Hong Kong main board, stock code 06049. HK.

This offering is Hong Kong capital market in the history of the largest property company IPO.With the parent company poly development holdings and the double endorsement of state property leading brands, poly real estate the Hong Kong public offering was oversubscribed as high as about 222 times, explain buy frozen assets of more than 1300 hundred million Hong Kong dollars, also has the GIC, hillhouse, pay in Chinese state-owned enterprise restructuring fund, the international and other four major cornerstone investors.

Listed on the first day of trading, poly property active trading, all the highest price of hk $45.35 per share, closing at hk $45.35 per share, a 29.20% rise in price at hk $35.10 a share, share all total volume about 88.3 million shares, the total turnover of about hk $3.743 billion, recognised by the capital market and investors.

As a leading scale, a background in state property management integrated operators, poly real estate success marks the capitalization poly poly development, property and its controlling shareholder holding company is entering a new stage of development.

Yu Baoli property itself, this offering is companies grasp industry development trend, the use of capital power to accelerate the industry layout, grasp the key step in the big property development opportunity, also for the future of scale expansion, enhance the management quality and service quality, further enhance the level of informatization and intelligent and provides the important guarantee of capital.

Yu Baoli development holdings, poly real estate listing is accused of consolidating practice poly development strategy of "one main wing" be born of important measures, to achieve the development of poly holding capital layout on the social service sector.

China poly group deputy general manager, poly development holdings group chairman Song Guangju attend listed bell ceremony and delivered a speech.Song Guangju said: "the spin-off listed property is a main poly development holdings' wings' strategic layout of achievements, but also poly property keep people are honest, for a long time for work.Is listed milestone, but also a new starting point, in poly development holding strategic guidance and capital market under the blessing of poly property in the blue ocean trillion-dollar market expanding scale, change for upgrading management and service."