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Ali cloud into the tour industry, almost out of the ecological 'buckets'

Date: 2019-12-24

23 this month in guangzhou, ali cloud held its first wisdom brigade summit, the focus is on release ali cloud in the solution of the domain of tourism, as well as ecological partnership project.In ali economies, to participate in the wisdom of the tour industry business BU was more than eight.Alibaba 1 + 8 brigade digital economy in BU, respectively is: Tmall, Scott, flying pigs, ant gold suits, nailing, hungry, or their Allies +, great entertainment.

Ali cloud before key industry is digital government, financial and retail industry.For why into the tour industry, ali cloud intelligent vice President, ali cloud intelligent property, travel industry, said general manager cheng jiing consumption upgrade, consumption and culture with the combination of external market opportunities is an important reason, at the same time, the strategy of Double H ali itself "Happiness" and travel industry.On the feasibility, ali cloud is also one of the few global travel solution ability.

Released in November, ali Q3 earnings, and strong performance, the core electrical contractor (including Tmall, flying pigs) is still the main source of income, ali cloud also achieved 90% year-on-year growth.Contrast, large recreational sports) (youku, ali, innovation strategy (Scott, nailing, Tmall elves) has kept more than 20% growth, but slightly inferior.

Text brigade is arguably series each big business sectors of the industry, ali ali cloud under the lead of tour "alibaba 1 + 8 digital economy" is a little elder brother with the feeling of the junior brother to do business.In addition, ali cloud also openly recruited 30 core "delivery partner", the first appearance of mainly real estate, hotel and other agriculture industry with the ability to deliver services.Ali cloud will follow these partners together to build our ability, and can provide support in such aspects as technical training, project incentive.

In the "1 + 8 alibaba brigade digital economy", the ali cloud is one at the bottom of the base.And like gold, flying pigs are closer to the end user's interface, C ran in front on the service consumers.For example, many young people will be according to the tourism talent on the flying pigs scheduling to "grass" in destinations want to experience the project, and consumers on the flying pigs platform can do one-stop reservation.Alibaba group, the global and international business strategy cooperation director wang wei said, flying pigs is an OTP (online travel platform), a lot of OTA (online travel agency) on the flying pigs have stores.And ever more independent OTA services, such as visa, air tickets hotel reservations and scenic spot tickets to buy can be on the flying pigs as merchants to cooperate with cross.In addition, the flying pigs will also own member rights and pay treasure to platinum diamond, 88 VIP member get through, help scenic spots such as merchants for the high quality members provide attractive products.

Scott is a member of the alibaba travel areas important, day live.As a map navigation tool, Scott have huge traffic, based on the entrance, Scott also added more content, and (C), the scenic spot to tourists (B) and managers (G) provide a wide range of services.In terms of tourist service, Scott a already loaded in many users on the mobile phone application, can help tourists to realize navigation and tour guides.Travel points tend to be concentrated passenger flow, Scott provide based on real-time traffic travel planning ability, help visitors to avoid congestion.Ten years this year, Scott launched walkman audio Tours experience of scenic spots, tourists can get like ma did not speak the Forbidden City, yue fei, the posterity YueWang temple, pick to share mount tai culture workers etc.At the same time, through the "explore" near entrance, visitors can enter the surrounding life service, on gold exploration of local beer and skittles, and navigation.

In side and G and B, Scott also respectively scenic area and managers to provide map management, security services.In addition to gold, the ant gold sports suits, ali, au + friends, nailing for scenic spot, businesses, and managers also provide solutions.Ants, for example, king of the "henan tourism in henan province to provide small application platform, and local, the scenic spot of small programs through Internet, form a mesh structure matrix.Like online ticket, visitors besides ticket on scenic spot small program, also can place the order directly, the provincial platform service orders issued directly to the scenic background, money directly into the account of the scenic spot, this get through both for scenic area unit to solve the problem of financial management, and improve service experience for tourists.In mesh matrix structure, government, managers can monitor construction of tourism public opinion and public opinion guide function, release of major emergency information, to ensure the safety of travel;Scenic spot can be timely grasp tourist public opinion, response to complaints opinion actively, improve the service capacity of the scenic spot.

In addition to the increase of tourists experience and promote the scenic spot, managers' ability to use two main lines, alibaba 1 + 8 brigade digital economy for the long-term value of the industry lies in IP brand building.36 kr believe that in the great cultural IP operations, ali has many competitors at home, but ali has a strong competitive advantage lies in its brand commercialization ability, and can directly help businesses improve clinch a deal.For example Tmall on museums and cultural institutions of multicultural development, spread in the ascent, online linkage operation, a series of the design and development of gen derivatives...

Domestic manufacturers of cloud, in the digital government, financial and other industries may have the feeling of highlighting, manufacturers such as huawei cloud, kingsoft cloud group also each has its own characteristics.But in terms of text brigade, really have a series of the comprehensive ability to ali and tencent.Ali now, two each has his strong point.However, AT the technical skills, resource mobilization, and get through, innovative applications, etc. The promotion of the existing level of the whole text brigade industry, has the absolute advantage, no doubt is good for the consumers.